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About Us

Katie Miles - Owner & Baker

Derek Miles - Sales


We started our business in 2013, after making dog treats out of spent brewing grains from homebrewing beer. So many of our friends were asking for treats that Katie started selling them on Etsy... and we quickly expanded our business to the local farmers markets. 

several years later, we are making 17 varieties of treats, plus grooming products, toys, and accessories!  You can also find our treats at several Wichita area retailers.

Thank you for Supporting our business, and our family!

Katie is also a birth & postpartum doula, infant sleep educator, and childbirth educator. (New Moon Holistic Doula Care) She enjoys music, yoga, homebrewing, and being a mother of three! She was on the executive board of the wichita Homebrewers Organization from 2013-2019, and is currently serving on the board of directors for the kansas doula collective. She is also the Chair of the Membership Committee for  the Kansas Grown! Inc. Farmers Markets.

Derek is a landscaper at Wichita State University, and has his own eco-friendly landscaping business (Miles Green Gardenscapes). He enjoys camping, hiking, video games, and teaching his kids about nature.

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In The News

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